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PHANTOM AR-15 Ultralight hybrid carbon fiber billet pistol grip

PHANTOM AR-15 Ultralight hybrid carbon fiber billet pistol grip



The latest advancement in pistol grips - Our new "Phantom" line of grips are precisely crafted utilizing hybrid construction of carbon fiber and aluminum, or other various exotic materials. We have applied all of our experience in making AR platform grips and have created the ULTIMATE modular grip platform. This platform allows us to provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip assembly at a lower weight than a standard A2 grip, while utilizing visually pleasing, exotic materials. Those looking for reduced weight will find the solution they desire with our aluminum offerings. Those looking for something a little more exotic and unique have the choice of several color options as well as billet brass or copper. Our "Phantom" line uses the same geometry as our popular "Mjolnir" series, but without the skeletonizing.

The aluminum version is currently the lightest available AR-15 grip on the market at 2.1oz. Brass and copper weigh 4.1oz and 4.5oz respectively.

Our products are made to order. Please allow 5-7 days for shipping.

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